25 agosto 2017

Prospective Business


Dear Sir/Madam

My names are Rashid Bin Butti, a military/marine lawyer resident in
Dubai. I represent a team of marines on black ops in Afghanistan
military base. I have a very vital information I have monitored for
two years now  and have confirmed ok to deal and trade and I need you
as a partner to facilitate this transaction and claim.

We will have an agreement officially signed to this and you will be
entitled to 25% of US$45,750,000 only as commission for partnership
and stand on a pioneer for its future investment in your country.

I will give more details when I get a reply and your contact telephone
number to discuss further with you.

Yours Sincerely,

Rashid Bin Bishr Esq.

Rashid Bin Bishr Attorneys

Al Hamriya Vusiness Complex
Dubai - U.A.E