29 novembre 2011

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18 novembre 2011


I am talking about an internet marketing legend. He is Farhad . I got my inspiration from him. Really a cool smiling face. He helped me much learning marketing, SEO and ecommerce. I write blog very less. Today I am writing cause I can't stop myself without writing.


Farhad was a meritorious student in school, college and university life. today he is successful and known I.T person. A natural photographer. A person of inspiration and creativity. Researcher. Everything about online based Marketing, programming ,Monetizing under his knowledge. Expertness on every cms, scripts and marketing tricks. main working areas
-Web marketing
-Web Development
-Professional Adsense Optimization
-PPC Consultant
-and many more..........

How Farhad Came to Online

He was built in I.T person. As far i know brother Farhad past his childhood and teenage learning codes and search engine optimization. When he was in 1st year of B.Sc in Textile engineering he got so many clients. They paid him highly. He found that he is valuable to business world. After completion of his study he concentrate on IT business. Now he is working as a consultant for SEO, ecommerce, Web developement and Adsense. As far i know 35 SEO firms taking consultancy under him.

Personal Life

He is a simple man. I saw his book (novel and story) excellent something described about nature and human life. Love to nature amazed me. Success story i noticed: He made hundreds of website 1st page of google within a month in front of me. Completely white hat method. No cheating. His popular work i can remember "Why cheating when you have good ideas?" He is expert on eCommerce. Actually hon. Farhad love to develop ecommerce site. He dreamed to have a digital world. His main dream is Bangladesh. Working for Bangladesh in many ways.
He is working for Monetizing solution for any company. Your earning will be double if you take his consultancy.
I love and respect my honorable teacher, guru, master for his dedicated help
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